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Bertoni is a well known italian brand of sport sunglasses coming from a thirty-year experience in the sport–optic market of his technicians.

The Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles by Bertoni are well appreciated because of their comfortable and well fitting design plus the latest technical discoveries for lenses and materials. 

Cycling and Running Sunglasses thanks to the wrap-around design that improves peripheral vision and protects your eyes from wind and weather and thanks to photochromic lenses that adapt to changes in light, making them unique and indispensable in any weather condition,

allow Bertoni to stand out also in these disciplines.

The wide range of models have been developed to suit all kind of sports: motorcycle sunglasses, cycling, running, parachuting, fishing, watersports, skiing, golf, beach volley, horse riding, tennis, shooting and many others.

The Bertoni sunglasses and goggles are made respecting the CE and FDA regulations with a strict quality control in particular when choosing the best lenses and materials.



    Bertoni's motorcycle sunglasses and goggles reduce the blinding light of the sun and the dazzling reflections that are hostile to motorbike riders and can cause problems. For this reason our motorcycle sunglasses are essential for all bikers. But not only. The Bertoni technical sport eyewear for motorcycle with their resistant, light materials, with their great grip and comfort, and with a wide range of sunsensor photochromic , antireflection , antifog and polarized lenses made for all visual conditions are the ideal choice for who has chosen to ride a motorbike.
    A special collection of vintage goggles is dedicated to Harley Davidson, Custom , Chopper.


    The Bertoni sunglasses for bike respond to all the demands of professional and non. For who does bike races, in fact, needs a pair of technical sunglasses which are extremely light, comfortable and able to protect the eyes from the air, dust and the effects of the reflections of the sun rays. Plus, the Bertoni eyewear for cycling, guarantee the maximum safety, thanks to the materials resistant to impacts and atmospheric agents. The variety of frames, make them ideal for cycling, mountain bike or bmx amateurs or professionals. A new line of sunglasses called MTB with a special hyper ventilation is available now. The range includes sunsensor photochromic, antireflection, antifog and polarized lenses for all visual conditions The range includes photochromic, antireflection, antifog and polarized lenses for all visual conditionsMost part of our frames are made in TR90LX a extra technical material, 70% Nylon 30% Carbon , studied for frames used in sport activities. It offers extreme strength although it is light and flexible adapting itself perfectly to the face. It has a "memory" which keeps its shape and elasticity even in extreme temperatures.

  • SKI

    Bertoni technical antireflection polarized sunglasses protects skiers and snowboarders from the blinding light. Sunglasses for skiing must have also other characteristics like anti-fog, adaptability to all weather conditions thanks to the photochromic ( sunsensor ) lens and the interchangeable lens collection, always guaranteeing a perfect vision, protecting from impacts as well.


    Thanks to the wraparound design, resistant materials and light and lens technology, the sunglasses for skydiving by Bertoni are the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts. Who is launched with paragliding or hang gliding, he needs a pair of glasses to protect it from the wind and lenses that ensure optimal viewing, well contrasted, in order to clearly see any obstacles.


    The Bertoni sunglasses for sailing, windsurfing, water ski, jet ski and all other water sports are indicated for people who spend a lot of time in contact with the sun and the water. Those who practice these sports, in fact, need polarized sunglasses to eliminate the reflections of the water to ensure the clearest vision. Another key feature is the anti-fog treatment, which prevents condensation from forming on the surface of the lens. Photochromic and multi lens sunglasses allows to have a perfect vision in each weather condition.


    The Bertoni shooting glasses guarantee the best focus on the target. Our eyewear are suitable in different light conditions and also guarantee an elevated visual contrast, improving the perception of depth and cutting out reflection and other unwanted elements that can reduce the vision when hunting. The same considerations are important for who practises a non professional activity, Bertoni sunglasses are ideal in bad weather conditions which is common at the beginning of the hunting season.


    Running is when you need to push your limits, winning the road, mile after mile, thanks to sunglasses for running Bertoni, under hard sun, rainy or windy conditions, in summer or winter runner don't stop, ever!
    Bertoni is always with him, ensuring a perfect visibility and exceptional comfort thanks to the sunglasses for running, ensuring a perfect fit to the face thanks to the ergonomic design, gripping temples and adjustable nosepads.
    Thanks to the numerous combinations of lenses, sunglasses for running by Bertoni guarantee a perfect vision in all lights conditions.


    The sunglasses for fishing must protect the eyes from the annoying sun rays reflected on the surface of the water. Bertoni polarized sunglasses for fishing by their polarizing smoke and brown lenses get rid of the blinding reflections of the water without giving up on the brightness of colors, so they allow a correct vision of the bait, the float or the depth of the water. Plus, the polarized pink and yellow lenses also guarantee a clear vision even in poor weather conditions such as cloudy days or during sun rise and sunset.

  • GOLF

    Sunglasses courses are fundamental in the game. Golf requires, more than others, an accurate visual perception: the alignment, reading the 'green', the study and evaluation of the distance and altitude, are closely related with the visual skill of the player. For this glasses to suit golfers can not only reduce visual fatigue but also improve sports performance. Photochromic, multi lens and polarized lenses allow sharpness and contrast ideal for all weather conditions, from the overcast sky sunny day, more than protection from air and pollen.


    Those who play tennis know how important it is to use technical materials to get the best performance. Bertoni has thought of all the fans, amateurs and professionals who practice the sport of tennis by creating a line of ultralight tennis sunglasses, designed to remain firm to the face even during the abrupt movements typical of this sport.


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    Sport Prescription Sunglasses with Optical Insert for prescription lenses without any graduation limit. Quickest and cheapest way to have a wraparound windproof frame for whom needs to wear prescription lenses. The clip is really easy and fast to put on and off just by clicking it to the frame. Your trusted optician can easily mount your prescription lenses on the clip allowing you to wear windproof sports eyewear without any gradation limit.

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