These sunglasses for mountain bike are properly studied for MTB and BMX using. The special holes in the lens improve the no fog coating pf the lens. In this collection you can find both no fog sunglasses and photochromic sunglasses and a range of goggles for MTB and BMX.


  • photochromic

    Photochromic cycling glasses with anti-fog lenses that change colour intensity automatically depending on the brightness and UV light, guaranteeing an excellent visual performance. The photochromic lens protects the eyes when out in the sun or in any weather condition. Plus the lens is treated with a special resin which removes the condensation which forms on the surface of the lens when passing from hot to cold. The sunsensor lens can change colour in only 8 seconds when passing from light to dark, and 35 seconds when passing from dark back to its light colour. The frame of the Bertoni Photochromic eyewear is in nylon so they will never change shape and are highly resistant to impacts.

  • polarized antiglare

    Polarized cycling sunglasses stop the glare. Many surfaces reflect the sun’s rays just like a mirror (so do windows, water surfaces and snow), amplifying the intensity. It is necessary in these conditions to protect your eyes against this glare. The polarized lenses cut out the excess light. The vertical light brings information to the eye, making it possible to see colours and contrast, while the horizontal light is the one with which we see glare. The polarized eyewear block out the horizontal light, acting like a filter and making our eyes absorb only the best light. Plus, the polarized lens technology intensifies the contrasts improving the perception of colours, this is great for cycling sunglasses.

  • photochromic polarized

    Photochromic Polarized lens for cycling sunglasses combines the versatility of the photochromic effect with the antireflection action of the polarized effect that reduces reflections of horizontal surfaces.

  • optical clip

    Cycling Sunglasses with Optical Insert for prescription lenses without any graduation limit. Quickest and cheapest way to have a wraparound windproof frame for whom needs to wear prescription lenses. The clip is really easy and fast to put on and off just by clicking it to the frame.

  • multilenses

    Cycling interchangeable multilens sunglasses with spare lenses included: smoke , amber and clear. The “amber” lens with his special colour is ideal for driving during the day because guarantees an excellent contrast between colours and reduces the dazzle effect of the sun, dimming the blue colours, so each colour can be seen at its best. This way you have a surprising contrast effect but at the same time it relaxes your sight, particularly when biking through fog, tunnels or at sunset. This type of lens is well appreciate by pilots and professional cycle drivers who, even after long hours driving, do not strain their eyes thanks to the unique colour of the lenses. The smoke lens is indicated in sunny days. The clear lens is pefect during the night driving. All the lenses are in polycarbonate material , unbreakable lenses , highly resistant to impacts and extremely light in weight. Both sides of the lenses have been treated with anti-reflex, anti-scratch.

  • antifog

    The antifog sunglasses for cycling have lenses coated by a special resin which removes the condensation which forms on the surface of the lens making sport hard or when passing from hot to cold. The antifog coating enables to always have a perfect vision. The sunglasses of this collection are light, impact resistant, and with an excellent grip. The lens are made in anticrash polycarbonate 2,2 mm. of thickness.

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