The Bertoni shooting glasses guarantee the best focus on the target. Our eyewear are suitable in different light conditions and also guarantee an elevated visual contrast, improving the perception of depth and cutting out reflection and other unwanted elements that can reduce the vision when hunting. The same considerations are important for who practises a non professional activity, Bertoni sunglasses are ideal in bad weather conditions which is common at the beginning of the hunting season.


  • antifog

    The antifog sunglasses for shooting have lenses treated with a special resin which removes the condensation which forms on the surface of the lens making sport hard or when passing from hot to cold. The antifog coating enables to always have a perfect vision. 
    The sunglasses of this collection are light, impact resistant, and with an excellent grip. The lens are made in anticrash policarbonate 2,2 mm of thickness.

  • optical clip

    Shooting Glasses with Optical Insert for prescription lenses without any graduation limit. Quickest and cheapest way to have a wraparound windproof frame for whom needs to wear prescription lenses. The clip is really easy and fast to put on and off just by clicking it to the frame.

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