Bertoni tennis glasses have been specially designed to meet the needs of those who practice this outdoor sport characterized by rapid movements to hit the ball. A clear and sharp vision is a fundamental requirement for these players who must have fast reaction times and make decisions in a split second. That's why our tennis sunglasses have lenses that block harmful UV rays and eliminate glare while enhancing color perception.


  • Tennis Sunglasses

    The choice of frame material is essential, because tennis sunglasses must have certain requirements to be performing and at the same time comfortable and practical. Our frames are in TR90 or anticrash polycarbonate. TR90 is a special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber which is 20% lighter than conventional materials and much more resistant to impact and mechanical traction. Inside the temples there is the Grip section in hypoallergenic rubber which prevents all those annoying microscriptions of the glasses towards the tip of the nose, which entail a waste of time and concentration for the athlete. All glasses are designed and created to be enveloping and soft, avoiding that annoying tight feeling that distracts the athlete from the game.

  • Prescription Tennis...

    Tennis like any sport requiring super-fast hand eye coordination performance is greatly dependant on clarity of vision and prescription lenses  of equal quality to conventional glasses are a vital asset for any player who generally requires a spectacle correction. Tennis prescription glasses with optical carrier for prescription lenses is the quickest and cheapest way to have a wraparound windproof frame for whom needs to wear prescription lenses. The clip is really easy and fast to put on and off just by clicking it to the frame.

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