The sunglasses for fishing must protect the eyes from the annoying sun rays reflected on the surface of the water. Bertoni polarized sunglasses for fishing by their polarizing smoke and brown lenses get rid of the blinding reflections of the water without giving up on the brightness of colors, so they allow a correct vision of the bait, the float or the depth of the water. Plus, the polarized pink and yellow lenses also guarantee a clear vision even in poor weather conditions such as cloudy days or during sun rise and sunset.


  • polarized antiglare

    Many surfaces reflect the sun’s rays just like a mirror (so do windows, water surfaces and snow), amplifying the intensity. It is necessary in these conditions to protect your eyes against this glare. The fishing sunglasses' polarized lenses cut out the excess light. The vertical light brings information to the eye, making it possible to see colours and contrast, while the horizontal light is the one with which we see glare. The polarized eyewear block out the horizontal light, acting like a filter and making our eyes absorb only the best light. Plus, the polarized lens technology intensifies the contrasts improving the perception of colours, this is great for cycling sunglasses.

  • photochromic polarized

    Photochromic Polarized lens for fishing sunglasses combines the versatility of the photochromic effect with the antireflection action of the polarized effect that reduces reflections of horizontal surfaces.

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