Kids sunglasses for motorcycle, polarized lens, 100% UV protection .Tech frames and not only.


  • multilenses

    All the Bertoni motorcycle sunglasses' lenses are in polycarbonate material, unbreakable lenses, highly resistant to impacts and extremely light in weight. Both sides of the lenses have been treated with anti-reflex and anti-scratch coating. 

  • polarized

    Anti-glare sunglasses: sunglasses with anti-glare lenses that characterize this line, ensure safety and comfort while driving or sports day and night. The anti-glare glasses make the pictures better discernible, thanks to the elimination of the effect of the dazzling sun and avoid the eye of mirror, annoyingly, within the lens. The anti-glare lenses are characterized by a special hardening treatment flash-mirror: a slight external mirroring performed by immersion, which protects the lens from scratches and increases its ability to reflect sunlight. Moreover the lenses are decentralized, which means that the optical compensation obtained thanks to the lower thickness of the lens at the sides allows a large peripheral field and without distortion. Perfect choise for motorcycle sunglasses.

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